This is my first official post on my new Mindful Birthing website. How exciting! I created this website as a home base for my new business as a Hypnobabies instructor and Hypno-doula, which I will be starting in mid 2017 after my training is complete. I also hope to use this space as a blog to share my thoughts on the topics of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. I’ve decided on the name Mindful Birthing because it embodies what I feel is most important in the birth process; being mindful.

Mindful birthing means many things to me. It means carefully considering options throughout the pregnancy and birth process. It means examining your own thoughts and training your mind in a positive way, to achieve the best possible outcomes. It means being present and at peace with the process as a whole.

The mind is a powerful tool to create tangible effects in the body. This is a scientifically studied and proven phenomenon which is the basis for hypnotherapy, and the reason that hypnosis works for improving the experience of pregnancy and birth. This is the beauty of mindfulness; harnessing the power of one’s mind for positive results.

I am so excited for what the future holds as I follow my dreams and start my own business, sharing this power with others and making the world a better place, one pregnancy and birth at a time.