Healthy Pregnancy 101

Did you know that having a healthy pregnancy can affect not only your baby’s health, but the ease or difficulty of your birthing time?

This is why one of the main components of the Hypnobabies program is teaching women and their partners about how to stay healthy during pregnancy. Healthy pregnancy encourages the best possible outcomes for birth and beyond.

So what are the keys to a healthy pregnancy? I would say the most important factors are balanced nutrition, gentle exercise, and mental/emotional peace. I believe these puzzle pieces of health are far more important than any medical tests and procedures that care providers might recommend. That’s not to say that prenatal care from a competent provider is not important, because it is. But your health, especially during pregnancy, is in your hands more than anybody else’s.

Balanced nutrition is not as complicated as it sounds either. A diet focusing on protein and including plenty of whole grains, veggies, and fruits is optimal during pregnancy. Some foods that are extremely good for pregnant women include fish such as salmon and tilapia, avocados, beans, eggs, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and berries. Salt should not be limited during pregnancy, and water should be the main beverage. Hydration is important! Vitamin D from sunshine is needed, as well.

Gentle exercise during pregnancy can help keep the body fit and strong for birth. Some excellent prenatal exercises include walking, prenatal yoga, and swimming. There are also specific targeted exercises that help strengthen and prepare mothers for birth, such as kegel exercises, squatting, and pelvic tilts (also known as cat and cow poses).

Mental and emotional peace are an often ignored, but vital component of having a healthy pregnancy and birth. The mind is powerful! When we believe we should feel miserable during pregnancy, we are more likely to; then, we are less likely to take optimal care of ourselves during this special time. When we believe birth is going to be dangerous and painful, it is more likely to be so, even when it doesn’t have to be. That fear can add stress to a pregnancy, and stress is not a helpful ingredient to health! Hypnobabies is an excellent way to learn tools to maintain a peaceful and calm attitude about pregnancy and birth.

Having a healthy pregnancy is not as difficult as it may seem, but it does require making mindful and intentional decisions about self-care. If you put the effort in, the rewards will be great! You and your baby deserve the best.