Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnobabies Classes

Q: When should I start the course?

A: It is best to start between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. Many families start in the third trimester, as the baby’s birth draws nearer. Some moms prefer to start earlier so that they can practice their skills for longer before their baby’s birth. I would recommend starting no earlier than the beginning of the second trimester (13 weeks), and no later than 32 weeks.

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: My class fee is $350. Prices are subject to change.

Q: Do you offer group classes?

A: I am currently focusing on teaching private classes. If I have multiple students interested in taking a class at the same time, I may offer a group class for a discounted rate.

Q: Can I take other childbirth classes along with Hypnobabies?

A: No, I am not allowed to accept students who are taking other childbirth classes, because this interferes with the success rates and integrity of the program. Hypno-moms need to be fully immersed in Hypnobabies. We want our program to work well for you!

Q: How much time does this course take?

A: Classes are about three hours long, one day of the week for six weeks in a row. You will need to dedicate about 45 to 60 minutes per night in between classes for reading and practicing your new self-hypnosis skills.

Q: Do I need to have a birth partner?

A: Hypnobabies works wonderfully with a birth partner, such as a spouse or significant other, but it also can work for single moms. Some single moms may choose to hire a doula, who is encouraged to attend classes with them. Other single moms may choose to bring an alternative birth partner with them, such as a friend or family member. Hypnobabies classes can be attended alone as well, if that is what mom prefers. That being said, we love to involve birth partners in classes and help them find their place as an important part of the birthing process.

Q. Where are classes taught?

A: I teach from my home in Temecula, California. I can also teach in your home, for an additional travel fee. I can travel up to 30 minutes each way, to allow enough time in my schedule to teach the full class (classes are three hours long). My travel fee ranges from $50-$200, depending on the distance.

Q. What Home Study options are available?

A: Hypnobabies can be taken as a home study course, purchased through the Hypnobabies website or Amazon. On the Hypnobabies website, the course can be purchased as an online course or a hard copy book which will be mailed to you.

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Home-study students can sign up for one in-person class with a certified Hypnobabies Instructor (like me). This program is called the Home Study Advantage. My Home Study Advantage class fee is $100.

I am willing to teach this class in your home as well, for an additional travel fee. (See more information about this option in the question above).

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