My Experiences with Hypnobabies

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With my first baby, I used Hypnobabies. After overcoming my fear of childbirth by discovering the world of natural birth, home birth, and childbirth hypnosis, I decided to use Hypnobabies to prepare for my birthing. I planned a home birth, and successfully dilated to 9 cm at home, but was unable to progress past that and then began regressing back down several centimeters. During that whole time, I remained very comfortable and calm. There were times close to full dilation when my birthing was very intense, and I had some discomfort, but overall I would say my birthing was very manageable. When my dilation started reversing, I was experiencing what is called labor regression, and it isn’t very common. It’s not dangerous, but can be exhausting for the birthing mother. My midwife was not familiar with labor regression, and she suggested that we transfer to the hospital at that point. We had a non-emergency transfer to the hospital, meaning we just drove there and checked in with no fanfare.

At the hospital, now after 24 hours of being in my active birthing time, I was exhausted and decided to accept pitocin and an epidural. Since these were my biggest fears I wanted to avoid initially, having my Hypnobabies tools to help me through this was huge. Despite my severe needle phobia, I felt absolutely nothing during all of the blood draws, IV placement, and epidural placement. Everything went so smoothly and I used hypnosis for all of the procedures. After my epidural, I no longer needed to use my hypnosis tools, and I was fortunate to have a very positive hospital experience.

After giving birth the first time, I was encouraged by my family to become an instructor because it clearly worked so well for me and I was passionate about helping others to do the same. I became certified when I was pregnant with my second baby.

With my second baby, I of course used Hypnobabies once again. I planned a home birth and successfully achieved that the second time around. My second birthing was not as comfortable as my first, because my belly was overextended, causing poor alignment for my baby and difficulty engaging. This led to two issues, which were back discomfort and a lack of pushing sensation. I was completely dilated after only about six hours, and during that time I did very well and had a very comfortable and easy birthing time. After that point, though, I began to experience a great deal of discomfort in my back and then exhaustion, as my baby did not engage and begin to trigger pushing pressure waves. I stayed fully dilated for about five hours before finally deciding to just push my baby out. Because my baby was not lined up optimally, she had a harder time coming out than we all would have preferred, but using my hypnosis I did not experience any discomfort during that process. Ultimately, she was born at home with no medications, and I learned a lot of helpful information for my next pregnancy.

Hypnobabies has worked very well for me during both my hospital birth and home birth experiences. I have a realistic view of Hypnobabies because I did not experience painless births, but I did have a much easier and more comfortable time than I believed I would have otherwise, and I found childbirth to be manageable and something that I am not afraid to do again. Some moms will experience pain-free births with Hypnobabies, and that’s awesome! But for others, even though there may be some intensity and challenges and discomfort, birth is still something that we can do, and Hypnobabies helped me so much with that.

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