What Is Hypnobabies?

Natural birth has many benefits, yet some fear it because we are taught by society that birth is dangerous, painful, and scary. When I was considering having a baby, the thought of birth terrified me. Yet, the thought of having a medicalized birth in the hospital frightened me even more. All of that changed when I discovered Hypnobabies.

Hypnobabies is a program for pregnancy and childbirth education, which uses hypnosis to empower women to have natural births without fear or pain. (What is Hypnosis?)

This program is available as a self-study course, as well as an in-person, six-week class taught by certified Hypnobabies instructors around the country, such as myself. I teach Hypnobabies classes to the Temecula area of Southern California.

In this class, pregnant women and their partners learn self-hypnosis skills to use during birthing. They also learn about how to stay healthy during pregnancy, which supports the best possible outcomes for birth. And, they are taught about their power of choice, and the options that they have for their prenatal care and birth—including homebirth, using a birth center, using a midwife, or having a traditional hospital birth. Hypnobabies can be used in any of these scenarios, and in fact would be extremely valuable to mothers who plan to birth naturally in a hospital.

Hypnobabies works because of the power of hypnosis, which works because of the power of our minds. What we think and expect of birth is closely related to what we experience. Hypnobabies helps women to think about birth in a positive and empowering way. With the help of hypnosis, those thoughts turn into beliefs and expectations, which turn into reality. The result is that mothers who use hypnosis in childbirth are much more likely to experience easy, quick, and pain-free births.

Speaking from experience, I can attest that Hypnobabies worked extremely well for me, during both of my babies’ births. During my first birthing, I learned that not every birth goes exactly as planned. Even using my hypnosis skills, I had a long, slow, and intense birthing time. Yet throughout that time, I was able to experience the sensations without feeling pain. I dilated to 9 cm without any medical assistance, and without any fear that I wouldn’t be able to birth my child.

At the peak of my birthing time, just before I would have begun to push, my progress suddenly stalled and then began to reverse. After many hours of waiting and trying different things to pick it up again with no success, my midwife made the professional call to move to the hospital. Yet because of Hypnobabies, I was able to face my even bigger fear of a hospital birth with total peace. Using self-hypnosis, I completely overcame my phobia of needles and felt absolutely nothing during blood draws, the IV placement, and the epidural placement. All of those procedures were things we never planned on, yet decided to do at that point in our birthing, given the circumstances. I was able to have a wonderful birth experience in the hospital, in large part because of Hypnobabies.

For my second birthing, I was able to have the home birth I’d always wanted. Once again, I used Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis which allowed me to experience the intense natural sensations of birth without feeling pain, 90% of the time. I succeeded in my dream of having a completely natural and unmedicated birth in the comfort of my own home, without the “agony” that natural birthing mothers are often told they will experience.

For me, experiencing the power of my Hypnobabies tools in natural birthing as well as in medicated birthing scenarios gave me a unique perspective and convinced me beyond any doubt that Hypnobabies works. It is now one of my passions to share it with others!


Are you pregnant and looking for a Hypnobabies class in the Temecula area of Southern California? Check out my class info page here!

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